Cornell University

College of Human Ecology

I am currently a freshman at Cornell University! I am majoring in Health Care Policy on a pre-med and pre-law track in the College of Human Ecology and the Brooks School of Public Policy. In addition, I plan on pursuing minors in Law and Society as well as Science Communication and Public Engagement.

Classes Taken

Freshman Year


BIOG 1445: Autotutorial Comparative Anatomy and Physiology

CHEM 2070: General Chemistry I

ECON 1110: Introductory Microeconomics

ENGL 1158: FWS: Asian American Food Writing

PAM 2350: The U.S. Healthcare System


BIOG 1500: Investigative Biology Lab

CHEM 2080: General Chemistry II

MATH 1106: Modeling with Calculus for the Life Sciences

PAM 2000: Intermediate Microeconomics

ROMS 1114: FWS: Semiotics

Sophomore Year


BIOMG 1350: Cell and Developmental Biology

CHEM 2770: Methods in Chemical Education

CHEM 3570: Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences

EDUC 2410: The Art of Teaching

PAM 2101: Statistics for PAM Majors

PAM 2250: Social Problems in the US

Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars

At Cornell, I am a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar, part of a select group representing less than two percent of the Cornell undergraduate population. The program recognizes outstanding leadership, academic excellence, and a commitment to serving the communities in which they live.