High School

Awards Received:

William Sturgis Award: The most prestigious award at Sturgis, this award is given to one boy and one girl on each campus who, in the opinion of classmates and faculty, embody the positive attitude and exemplary conduct represented by the Sturgis Code of Conduct and Rules to Live By.

MIT STEM Book Award: This award is given to one student with outstanding levels of achievement in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Higher Level Chemistry 2 Achievement Award: For excellence in HL chemistry.

Higher Level Biology 1 Achievement Award: For excellence in HL biology.

Music 10 Achievement Award: For excellence in music 10.

High School Diploma

Graduated: June 2021

I graduated in June of 2021 from Sturgis Charter Public School East. Sturgis is an IB School, which means that all junior and senior courses are two-year courses follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Each course has a higher level (HL) and a standard level (SL) course, but both are comparatively more challenging than AP and Honors courses. Below, explore the courses I took.

Prior to junior year, most courses are standard throughout, as they are intended to be preparation for the IB curriculum. However, there are a few exceptions (noted with a *) in my courseload.

Freshman Year

IB HL Math 1 (Junior Level) *

Integrated Science 9

U.S. History 1

English 1

Spanish 2 (Sophomore Level) *

Latin 1

Theater 9

Art 9

Sophomore Year

IB HL Math 2 (Senior Level) *

Physics 10

Chemistry 10

U.S. History 2

English 2

IB HL Spanish B 1 (Junior Level) *

Latin 2

Chorus 10

Music 10

Junior Year

A Levels Further Mathematics 1 (Indep. Study) *

IB HL Biology 1

IB HL Chemistry 1

IB HL History 1

IB SL English A 1

IB SL Spanish A 1 (Indep. Study) *

IB Theory of Knowledge 1

(see below for a note on Independent Studies)

Senior Year

A Levels Further Mathematics 2 (Indep. Study) *

IB HL Biology 2

IB HL Chemistry 2

IB HL History 2

IB SL English A 2

IB SL Spanish A 2 (Indep. Study) *

IB Theory of Knowledge 2

(see below for a note on Independent Studies)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme

As an IB school, all courses taken are IB courses. The IB offers a diploma programme, which requires that the student takes 6 courses, one out of each of the six "groups", shown by the image to the right.

Normally, a student takes 3 HL courses and 3 SL courses, as well as Theory of Knowledge (TOK). However, as an option for students to challenge themselves academically, students may take 4 HL courses and 2 SL courses. Although my current course schedule does not reflect it, I will be taking IB exams for 4 HL courses (Math, Biology, Chemistry, History) and 2 SL courses (English, Spanish). In addition, since I am taking Spanish A, which is essentially Spanish as a First Language, which allowed me to earn the IB Bilingual Diploma, in addition to the regular Diploma.

The Extended Essay (EE) and CAS

In addition to the course requirements, Diploma candidates are also required to write an Extended Essay, which is a research paper of up to 4,000 words, based on a topic of choice. My EE is in the topic of Global Politics, and my research question is "In the 2012 U.S. presidential election, to what extent did political rhetoric in the media contribute to the politicization of healthcare and what have been its effects?"

The Diploma program also emphasizes Creativity, Activity, and Service, more commonly known as CAS. My CAS requirements are fulfilled through all of the other activities listed throughout this website.

A Note on Independent Studies

Due to academic ability and completion of a non-standard academic track, my school has provided me with the opportunity to independently study two courses (A Levels Further Mathematics and IB SL Spanish A). These independent studies are done with one teacher advisor who regularly checks in with me to assist my learning.

A Levels Further Mathematics is being taken due to having completed the highest level of math offered at my school in Sophomore year.

IB SL Spanish A differs from IB HL Spanish B as the Language A is normally taken by students who are fluent in a second language (in addition to English)

MAS Español

In addition to general academic studies in IB SL Spanish A, my classmate, Simran, and I have created a YouTube Channel as a sort of vlog, completely in Spanish! We talk about a variety of topics spanning from books that we read in class to school-wide events!